Lacy Hawkins

Lacy Hawkins was born and raised in Mexia, Texas. Growing up in a time of racial segregation, Brother Hawkins is thankful for the tough lessons he learned in the formational, character building years of his youth, as well as the independence and hard work his parents modeled for him. With this hard work in mind, Lacy grew into a successful career that saw him pursuing the American Dream - a beautiful wife, nice cars, and a nice house in Oakland Hills. But one day when Lacy kneeled to do some yard work, he felt a pounding in his chest and the Spirit of the Lord speaking to him in the form of a life-changing question - “what about the Gospel?” At the time, Lacy responded with a question - “What about it?” Perplexed, he ignored the question and continued about his life. After all, he was successful, independent, and by worldly standards, he had it all.

But even with a good job in San Francisco, two nice cars, a nice house, and the woman of his dreams, Brother Hawkins began to experience a season of holy discontentment.

After some time, Lacy was driving down the road when he felt his car begin to shake with a force that resembled the type of earthquakes that California has become all too used to. After getting out of his car, Lacy felt the same pounding in his chest that he experienced when he was out in his yard; the voice came again, “Are you going to go now?”

Lacy Hawkins could no longer resist.

Since then, Brother Hawkins has worked to be remembered as a man who preached the whole Gospel of Christ. Plain and simple, Brother Hawkins wants to be a man who is known for his love for God and his love for people. After his spiritual experience in 1963, Brother Hawkins began planting churches as a result of his deep experience.

Lacy is the Founder and Overseer of Church of the Latter Rain (formerly known as General Assembly Church) which he started in 1974 in Berkeley, California. He has since established four more churches — Union City, California (1994), Baton Rouge, Louisiana (2000), Moreno Valley, California (2001), and Tyler, Texas (2003). The Church at Clarksville (Indiana) was added to the Church of the Latter Rain with the Church at Xenia (Ohio), Church at Stockbridge (Georgia), and the Church at Winterville (North Carolina) being added in 2015. As of 2017, Brother Hawkins’ ministry has made it all the way to India.

But even with all of the hard work and fruit that many have seen from the life of Brother Lacy Hawkins, he still longs to accomplish more unity in the Body of Christ. He is also passionate about presenting people with the Gospel of Christ to foster a deeper, Holy Spirit inspired love that erases our jealousy, envy, bitterness, and greed.

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